Napapijri Festival Fits

As festival season rolls around, it's time to start thinking about your wardrobe. Festivals bring the unique challenge of looking good as you battle muddy fields and tent pegs. They also provide an opportunity to get creative with your clothing, with items that you may not usually get the chance to wear. Aim for the sweet spot that combines versatile, functional clothes with a style that looks and feels great.

This guide will take a deep dive into the festival trends for summer, along with distinctive Napapijri advice on nailing the festival look. We’ll explore what types of clothing work well and explore trends for summer, with plenty of festival outfit ideas. Read more to discover how to coordinate your festival fits, keeping you warm, dry, cool, and fashionable.

What to wear for a festival

To choose what to wear for a festival, look for clothing that can deal with variable conditions. Combinations of lightweight shirts and tops with water- resistant jacket will help you adapt to the weather. Boots or wellies complete the essential festival look and can handle muddy ground with ease. 


Whatever the festival, you’ll be walking long distances on uneven ground. So, leave the heels at home and prioritise comfort for walking and dancing. Be prepared for mud - wellies are festival essentials, functional and stylish.


You need to travel light, so avoid chunky clothing and bulky coats. To be ready for changeable weather and cool temperatures after sunset, choose clothing in layers.  Pack combinations that can be easily mixed and matched. A fleece or soft shell jacket for additional warmth, and a water-resistant jacket for rain protection.

Wear simple items that are comfortable, cool, and look good. Cut-off denim shorts with a shirt or blouse is a classic festival look. Or pair a summer dress with your wellies. Oversized tops are functional and on-trend. Avoid materials like suede or leather - your fabric needs to handle mud, rain, sweat, and spillages.

The iconic Napapijri Rainforest Jacket is an ideal fusion of innovative materials and an eye for style. With the signature kangaroo pocket and a range of fresh colours, it’s an essential item for your festival outfit.

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Headwear essentials include bandanas or hats, sunglasses are a must-have for the sun and the vibes. Take a smaller bag to keep your valuables close by during the day. The Napapijri waist bag is slick and secure for your money and phone. 

The Napapijri men's festival range pulls inspiration from 70s psychedelia and 90s music to style your summer wardrobe. Find timeless designs with an alternative edge.

How to nail your festival outfit

Nailing your festival look starts with planning combinations. Start with your footwear and work your way up. Shorts or leggings, a lightweight vest with an oversized shirt or hoodie and a waterproof coat are your starting points. Throw in a dress or poncho for peak festival vibes.

  • Boots - With bold colours and patterns, wellies are not just functional but can become a centrepiece of your whole festival outfit. Chunky hiking boots are another great choice.

  • Shorts - Mid-thigh or higher cut shorts paired with wellies create the ultimate feminine festival feel. Try the classic mid-length Women's Napapijri shorts. Guys can go for a longer leg but avoid baggy full-length trousers which will soak up mud as you walk around. In colder weather, leggings keep you warm and maintain the contrast with your bulky boots. 

  • Base layer - When the sun is shining and you're climbing onto someone's shoulders, a lightweight vest or crop top is ideal. For colour choice, match the vibe of the festival itself. Earthy tones or brighter colours for the dance tent. Try a fringed hem for true boho vibes.

  • Mid-layers - Having an oversized shirt, hoodie or fleece at hand to throw on under cloud cover is essential. For the festival feel, a plaid shirt, zip-up hoodie or neutral fleece can work well in combination with your other clothing. Tassels or mesh for additional style points.

  • Dress - For a classic cute festival outfit, combine a summer dress with your boots or wellies. Anything goes here. A short dress with wellies works well, while a maxi dress with your boots poking their toes out is also a timeless combo. Look for floral or ethnic prints.

  • Coat - Prepare for wet weather with a lightweight waterproof jacket. Neutral colours are popular but brighter colours and bolder patterns help you stand out in the crowd. The up-front Napapijri Freestrider Jacket is a fresh, energetic addition to your festival wardrobe. Feature heavy, the windproof and water-resistant jacket also have an environmental conscience, made from 100% recycled ripstop polyester. In a variety of fresh camo colour combos, there's also a cropped version.

  • Accessories - Here is the opportunity to go wild with a statement hat, oversized sunglasses and layered necklaces

For a capsule collection, the Napapijri women's festival selection has everything you need to unleash the festival goddess within. From dungarees, backpacks and cropped… everything, you'll find innovative clothing with cutting-edge style.

Once you’ve sorted your clothing, grab a duffel bag to pack all your gear for the festival season.

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What to take to a festival

When deciding what to take to a festival, think through camping gear, clothing, hygiene/medical, food, and drink. Other categories depend on your preferences - are you going for a minimal approach or do you want to camp in style? This section will help you plan exactly what you need.

Festival essentials:

  • Ticket - Double-check before you leave!

  • Money and bank cards

  • Clothing

  • Tent - Don't forget the tent pegs and a mallet to keep your shelter secure

  • Sleeping bag

  • Air bed or roll mat

  • Bag - Pack a duffel bag or backpack with all your gear and don't forget a small daypack to carry your essentials around the site

  • Medical - Take a basic first aid kit along with paracetamol and suncream

  • Toiletries - A minimum of toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, dry shampoo, and hand sanitizer

  • Food and water - A refillable water bottle is essential. If you intend to cook on-site, you'll need a camping stove and equipment. Even if you intend to buy most of your food at the festival, you'll want snacks close at hand

  • Phone charger and battery pack

  • Towel - Microfibre towels take up less space and dry quickly

Other items that you should consider:

  • Bin bags - Not just for rubbish, but great for wet clothes

  • Camping chairs

  • Duct tape - For emergency repairs

  • Toilet roll

Avoid the urge to overpack, you'll increase the weight of your bag and take up space in your tent. At Napapijri, sustainability is part of our DNA, so when the party's over, respect the environment and bring all your stuff home with you.

Whether you end up covered in mud or basking in the sun, festival memories linger like no others. Napapijri has you covered for making many more of those memories.

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