How to Style Knitwear

Dive into a world where style meets adventure with great knitwear. Whether you're wandering through the city or headed off on an adventure, we’ve got everything you need to know about styling knitwear.

Weekend wanderlust

Embrace the spirit of laid-back weekends with an iconic jumper. For men, pair a soft-hued crew neck with your favourite dark denim and sleek trainers. It’s a simple yet striking look that’s perfect for escapes into nature.

For women, an oversized jumper, half-tucked into jeans and finished with boots makes for the perfect weekend look. Add in a puffer jacket if the temperatures dip.


Trailblazing knits

For adventurers, a zipped jumper is a must-have for just about any outdoor escape. Men can pair a zip-through knit with a thermal shirt, robust trousers and sturdy boots. In no time, you're ready to conquer the trail with a look that's as functional as it is fashionable.

For women, a zipped jumper layered over a base T-shirt and under an Anorak brings a pop of colour to the great outdoors. Complete the look with leggings and durable boots.

Evenings out

When the sun sets and the evening calls for a touch of elegance, knitwear transitions effortlessly. When it comes to how to style knitwear for the night, men can embrace the allure of a black turtleneck under a classic suit jacket. It’s a refined alternative to the usual evening wear that still keeps you comfortably warm.

For ladies, a fine-knit turtleneck paired with a satin skirt and heels is all about sophisticated charm. Accentuate with bold earrings and a sleek clutch, and you're all set.


Athleisure looks

Knitwear also finds a unique niche in athletic and athleisure styles. Both men’s knitwear and women’s knitwear can add sophistication, warmth and comfort when you’ve been active.

When styling knitwear for athletic or post-workout scenarios, focus on fabric and fit. Opt for breathable, moisture-wicking materials that keep you comfortable and dry. Slim-fit designs ensure your knitwear complements the athletic silhouette, while oversized pieces offer a more relaxed vibe.

Mixing textures and layers can add depth to your athleisure look, making it as dynamic as your lifestyle. Here’s how to style knitwear with an athletic edge.

Gym to street

Athleisure is all about blending comfort with style, so you can head seamlessly from a great workout to whatever comes next. A zip jumper is perfect here. For men, layering a lightweight zip jumper over a dry-fit shirt combines practicality with style, making it easy to go from a gym session to a coffee shop meet-up without needing to change. Pair with joggers and sneakers for a low-key look.

For women, a fitted zip jumper can be thrown over a sports tank and high-waisted leggings, for a look that’s both stylish and functional. Great for post-gym activities, running errands or a casual brunch.


Cool-down comfort

After a workout, it’s important to maintain body temperature during the cool-down phase, especially during winter. A classic crew neck jumper or zip-through option is perfect for leaving the gym on a chilly day. 

Ladies can pair their knitwear with yoga pants and a puffy vest for a look that’s both cosy and chic. Ideal for post-yoga session meet-ups or an easy walk in the park.

Active weekends

Knitwear is a great choice when it comes to any weekend that you’re keeping active. Men can opt for a breathable, lightweight jumper with athletic shorts or pants for a look that’s relaxed but still put together. Great for a casual game of golf or a morning walk.

Ladies can style a soft, oversized jumper with athletic leggings and trainers. It’s an effortless weekend outfit perfect for an easy bike ride or coffee date. 


How to store knitwear

To keep your knitwear collection in top condition, proper storage is key. If you can, avoid hanging knitwear and jumpers, as the garments can stretch and lose shape over time. Instead, fold your jumpers and cardigans and store them in a drawer or find some shelf space. For added protection, consider using cedar blocks or lavender sachets to ward off moths.


Sustainable knitwear

In an era where sustainability is not just a preference but a necessity, incorporating eco-friendly knitwear into your wardrobe is a great choice. So look out for items made from recycled or renewable fibres. This is an easy way to get the latest styles without giving up durability.

At Napapijri, we offer a broad range of men’s and women’s knitwear that’s made from recycled materials such as recycled wool. Whether it's a classic men’s jumper for a laid-back weekend or a chic ladies’ zip jumper for that after-gym hangout, there are dozens of great choices.


Knits for every occasion

With Napapijri, every piece tells a story of adventure, style, and innovation. Whether you’re looking for classic men's knitwear or bold women’s knits, we’ve got everything you need.

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