The Art of Winter Layering

The secret to winter warmth lies in choosing the right layers. Winter's chill may hang in the air. But it’s no match for a great layered outfit. While bundling up in a single heavy garment may seem like a tempting choice, every cold-weather warrior knows. But how do you layer clothes for winter correctly? Discover everything you want to know in this practical guide designed to keep you cosy, no matter how low the temperatures dip.

How to layer outfits for winter


Base layer

Creating a layered outfit that will keep you warm during the winter months starts with choosing the correct base layer. The right base layer will wick moisture away from your skin which is crucial to staying warm. Keeping your skin dry will mean you will be less susceptible to becoming chilled ensuring you stay warm. 

When choosing a base layer look for lightweight garments such as t-shirts that will ensure you are comfortable but not over-encumbered as you look to layer on top.

Mid layer

Your mid-layer is key for insulation and ensuring you stay warm during the winter. A fleece or sweatshirt will provide a thicker insulating layer that will trap warmth. Not just this but should the weather change layering means should you need to, you can simply remove this layer if you get too warm.

Outer layer

Your outer layer is mainly there to protect you from any wind or rain you may face. Water-resistant jackets are an excellent choice to ensure you stay dry in any adverse conditions which in turn will keep you much warmer in the long run.

Alternatively, consider a classic anorak for an outer layer that will keep you warm but stylish on your next winter adventure.

Styling and layering ideas for every occasion

No matter where the journey takes you this chilly season, here are some ideas for cosy layered outfits that pack a punch.

Urban winter exploration

When you're out exploring the chilly city streets begin with a close-fitting, moisture-wicking base layer. This ensures that any sweat from your urban adventures is effectively wicked away. On top of this, layer a lightweight sweater or turtleneck which adds not just insulation but a touch of city chic.

For your outermost layer, the Rainforest Open Winter Jacket or the Antarctic Parka Jacket are a great choice. Finally, to elevate the look of your winter layered outfit, consider accessorising with a stylish beanie and a pair of leather gloves.

Weekend outdoor adventuring

Trekking in the great outdoors? Enjoying snowsports? As always, start with a good base layer or even a technical mountain equipment base layer. Over this, a fleece or a wool sweater works wonders in providing warmth while ensuring movement isn’t restricted.

For the outer layer, think of our Rainforest Puffer Anorak or Skidoo Anorak Jacket. These jackets are designed to protect you from the elements while offering breathability, ensuring you don't overheat during strenuous activities. Complete the ensemble with thermal gloves, a snug beanie or headband, and perhaps a pair of sunglasses if you're out on a sunny, snowy day.

Easy winter hangouts

Imagine a cosy evening by the fireplace or a walk-through snowy park. Start with a comfortable cotton long-sleeve tee or technical base layer. Over this, a cosy cardigan or a relaxed-fit sweatshirt is a great choice. Next, try the Rainforest Open Winter Jacket for a great outer layer. For the finishing touches? Grab a scarf and mittens then step into some ankle boots or your favourite sneakers.

Winter nights out

Headed out when the temperatures start to dip? Winter nights can be especially icy so opt for a high-quality technical base layer to start. Next, choose a long-sleeve tee then grab a classic zip-through fleece middle layer or pullover. The Antarctic Parka Jacket, with its timeless and elegant design, is a great choice when it comes to your final layer.

Mastering the art of layering fashion

No matter where you’re headed this winter, here are some extra tips on mastering the art of winter layering for every occasion. Remember, layering is all about making the right choice at every step. So here are some handy guidelines to make sure you stay cosy.

  • Always start with a solid base: Always begin your layered outfit with a good quality, moisture-wicking base layer. This ensures you remain dry even if you’re exercising.

  • Mix and match: The great part about a layered outfit is its versatility. So, feel free to mix and match different colours and textures to keep your layered look fresh all season long.

  • Adjust as needed: Remember, winter layering is also about flexibility. So, adjust your look based on the weather, and think about adding or shedding layers as the season wears on.

Your best-layered look yet

When it comes to how to layer clothes for cold weather, remember the key guidelines then trust your instincts when it comes to style.

At Napapijri, we’ve got all the winter layering essentials you need, no matter where the adventure takes you. From jackets to hoodies, tees and trousers, our winter collection has everything needed when the temperatures start to dip.

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