shoreditch agenda

Shoreditch Agenda 2018

September Takeover

SHØ (Something to Hate On)

Something To Hate On is about sourcing, showcasing and celebrating young artists at a grassroots level, collaborating with them in a way that inspires others to blaze their own trail of authentic expression. It’s an ethos that resonates through everything they do, from clothing partnerships with young designers to nights filled with emerging UK performers who the world will soon idolise. They can do this because they are hands-on. The relationships they have are personal and storied, as are their processes of designing, making and collaborating. It has allowed them to stand apart in an industry where young creators often find themselves unintentionally alienated, communicating with large, faceless corporations who don’t speak the same language.  

Quick Q&A with SHØ

What would you like your audience to take away from your Napapijri takeover?

We want to give them a better understanding of the creative landscape and what it takes to succeed within it. But mostly to just believe in their sauce.

‘Make it Better’ is a core part of our ethos, what do you aim to make better through the work you do?

We just try and put good people in good places and watch as they break boundaries

How would you define Future Positivity?

Believing in your ability to change your situation

What does Freedom mean to you?

The license to create and curate

Describe what an ideal future looks like, in one sentence.

Ideal future? The new wave in London being household names worldwide.

Event details

Wednesday 5th September
6.30pm - 7.30pm

SHØ Insight #1
Collaboration and Brand Building with SHØ x Wave Mag

SHØ insights, in collaboration with Napapijri will sit down with their good friends at Wave Magazine to discuss the processes of collaboration and curation, and how to build a platform that champions emerging creatives willing to make an impact.

Hosted by SHØ & Wave Mag
Guest speakers - Filmawi, Quba Tuakli

Wednesday 12th September
6.30pm - 7.30pm

SHØ Insight #2
Creative Process and
Brand Building Talk

SHØ insights, in collaboration with Napapijri, sit down with the brightest emerging designers on the London scene to discuss their creative processes, the growth of their respective brands and the trials and tribulations today's young creative forces have to face.

Hosted by Max of SHØ
Guests speakers - Ruth Peterson, Eastwood Danso, Lewis Palmer + More

Wednesday 27th September
6.30pm - 7.30pm

SHØ Session

SHØ, in collaboration with Napapjiri, for 'FOMO' will be inducing a live session featuring some of their favourite acts in the intimate settings of Napapjiri's east-London store.

Line-up: TBC

October Takeover

Reprezent Radio

Launched in 2008 in response to rising levels of knife crime in London, Reprezent RAdio is now a not for profit social enterprise training and mentoring 4,000 young adults since its launch, and with a waiting list of over 3,000.Reprezent is the go-to for young talent or labels to the most prestigious media companies to employ. With 2/3rds of our playlist dedicated to new music, we work side by side with record labels, radio pluggers and artists development teams to support and grow the very best new music and talent.  

Quick Q&A with Reprezent

What brought you to collaborate with Napapijri?/. What values do you share with Napapijri?

Reprezent are collaborating with Napapijri on a series of discussion panels and an event that are looking at aspects of London's youth culture, its music and its love of the individuals. Reprezent exists as a platform for young Londoners to express their creative ideas, push forward artistry and talk freely about issues that affect them.

What would you like your audience to take away from your Napapijri takeover?

Reprezent wants people to leave feeling inspired about how young people are doing the most, (often with very little) and look towards making their own positive mark on the world.

'Make it Better' is one of our core values, what do Reprezent aim to make better?

Reprezent's overarching core value is to better the opportunities for young people using our media platforms and providing a safe space for them to try out new ideas.

How would you define future positivity?

Future positivity in our understanding is the process of making changes now that will bring about a future based on equity and understanding

Describe what an ideal future looks like, in one sentence.

An ideal future is tolerant, compassionate and Ribena has its sugar put back in.

Event details

Wednesday 3rd October
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Reprezent Youth & Culture Talk

Hosts Elkka & Joe Walker will discuss radio culture and its impact on today's mainstream environment, as well as the ins-and-outs of being self-starting cultural agents with little resources.
What does it mean to do things your OWN way? What does it mean to turn culture into a career? Whatever happened to the zeitgeist of Youth Cultures? From Northern Soul, to Acid House, to 2001 Grime - is this it?

Panel Host: Elkka & Joe Walker
Panel Guest: DJ Semtex (BBC 1Xtra), Hattie Collins (author of ‘This is Grime’, The Guardian, i-D, former RWD editor), Hyperfrank (Trench Mag) and Rashid Kasirye (Link Up Tv).

Wednesday 10th October
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Reprezent Youth & Music Talk

Hosts Nick & Jaguar will reflect on the importance of defining individual paths, from self- to classical training. They will also look into the changing face of music industry and media consumption, and on how accessible music facilities are to young people. Also in the discussion: For money or for love? How to Level Up - advice for emerging artists (e.g.what’s an invoice?).

Panel Host: Nick Gibbons & Jaguar
Panel Guest: Kenny Allstar (BBC 1Xtra/ Columbia), Parris Oh (Sony), Monki (BBC) and Ian Mcquaid (Fact Magazine, DJ Mag and The Guardian).

Wednesday 17th October
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Represent Youth & Individuality Talk

Lil C & Munya will host a conversation on the impact of social media on individuality. Amongst the subjects:
- Living your best life online is hyperreal and life is but a meme
- ‘My Home Too': From Brexit to Britain First
- How do I make this my home? Deadnaming is shaming
- How do we educate? The future is ours: How we see our future

Panel Host: Lil C & Munya
Panel Guest: Hanecdote (visual artist), Juliette and Niellah (gal-dem), Lagoon (Prestige Pak/ i-D) and Kieran Yates (Guardian)

Thursday 25th October
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Reprezent Party

Reprezent will host a closing party alongside up and coming young London talents.

Line up:
Maxwell Owin + MC Pinty Intalekt
Café au Lait
Soul Surge

November Takeover

Bossy LDN

Bossy LDN is a creative agency working across music and fashion, founded by dynamic creative duo Izzy Steven and Dhamirah Coombes. Spanning across various projects, they cover creative direction, artist and brand events, creative consulting, artist development and creative commissions.Most importantly they act as culture curators and a creative platform. With their monthly show on NTS Radio, count on the Bossy crew to shine a light on bright new talent whilst showcasing their varied tastes in cutting edge hip-hop, grime and international sounds.  

Quick Q&A with Bossy LDN

What would you like your audience to take away from your Napapijri takeover?

We want our audience to leave feeling connected and positive with the understanding that big brands such as yourselves support women and small companies in this day and age, we want them to know opportunity and support is available to them, as well as shining a light on talent they may not have known before attending.

‘Make it Better’ is a core part of our ethos, what do you aim to make better through the work you do?

We strive to create a platform for young creatives and be the support we didn’t have growing up. Our main aim with Bossy LDN is developing and supporting talent as well as connecting people, which is a gesture so few companies are willing to do these days. Raising up women is the core of Bossy LDN as well as a fight for equality and a belief that everyone has the right to create.

How would you define Future Positivity?

Future positivity only manifests when you maintain a positive outlook on life, careers, relationships etc. We aim to give opportunity, have fun and always promote a positive message in everything we do to ensure a positive future for ourselves and everyone we come into contact with.

What does Freedom mean to you?


Describe what an ideal future looks like, in one sentence.

More women in the music industry and leading creative projects, equal opportunity for men and women, more collaboration amongst young creatives, creatives being recognised for the work they do and not their social status.

Event details

Thursday 8th November
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Bossy LDN Live Gig

London is bubbling with amazing talent right now, and Bossy LDN strongly believe in giving artists a platform to be recognised, discovered and supported. They have handpicked a line-up of artists we believe will blow this year. At this gig, guests will have an exclusive preview of rising stars in an intimate setting.

Host: Bossy LDN
Line-up: Poppy Ajudha
Oscar #worldpeace
Ama Lou
Benny Mails

Wednesday 14th November
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Tropical Flower Arranging Workshop

Drawing inspiration from Napapijri’s values of nature, Bossy LDN will work with London florist SAGE FLOWERS to set up a flower arranging workshop, where they will educate us on flower arranging, positivity and the calming effect of flowers.

Hosts: Sage Flowers

Wednesday 21st November
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Bossy LDN Live NTS Podcast

In this podcast, Bossy LDN + friends will discuss women's daily struggles , mental health, feminism in 2018/19, PMS, and how to stay positive in our daily lives. The talk will be recorded by NTS and hosted on the Bossy LDN NTS Page.

Hosted: Bossy LDN
Line-up: Simran Randhawa
Poppy Ajudha
Emerald Rose Lewis
Helene Selam
Emma Marshall

Thursday 29th November
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Bossy LDN Party

Hosted: Bossy LDN
Line-up: Mia Carucci
Mad Bad Ting
Jamo Beats
Tommy Gold
Bossy LDN

December Takeover

Pxssy Palace

Pxssy Palace (PP) is a collective of activists and cultural leaders, based in London. Pxssy Palace creates safer spaces which prioritise, centre and celebrate women, queer, trans intersex (QTIPOC) and femmes of colour, allowing them to party, explore and feel empowered. With the focus on tackling further inequalities, Pxssy Palace provides tools to allies, youth and organisations, to foster more inclusive environments for members of the community to exist authentically.  

Pxssy Palace

What brought you to collaborate with Napapijri?

We’ve been working on these workshops for a while and wanted to make them free and available to the community, whilst still being able to pay our educators fairly. So when they reached out to us and believed in our vision, it felt right to collaborate.

What values do you share with Napapijri?

We love the importance you place on ethical sourcing and working towards reducing your environmental impact. This is something we're trying to work towards ourselves.

What would you like your audience to take away from your Napapijri takeover?

We want them to feel informed and ready to take on the next aspect of their lives by taking accountability, considering that others are forced to move differently in the world and how we can use our privileges to help carry the most vulnerable in our community which in turn will create a stronger environment for everyone as well as tools to look after yourself in this current climate.

‘Make it Better’ is a core part of our ethos, what do you aim to make better through the work you do?

Through our work, we aim to make club culture and wider society better by helping to eradicate the misogyny and sexual violence that is so inherently present in it.

How would you define Future Positivity?

Future Positivity is taking note of what isn’t working today and figuring out how we can make it work tomorrow!

What does Evolution mean to you?

For us, evolution means unlearning the damaging behaviors and cultures that we are taught by living in a society that structurally denies so many of us.

Describe what an ideal future looks like, in one sentence.

A complete redistribution of wealth and power, void of capitalism, patriarchy & racism.

Event details

Wednesday 5th December
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Self-Care Workshop

All too often, within the turbulence of modern life, we forget to prioritise ourselves. We constantly feel the need to put work, and other people before our own wellbeing. This workshop will explore tools Pxssy Palace have come across, that can help kickstart sel-care, such as mind - expelling positive thoughts and tips for dealing with anxiety. They will also discuss body-care and nutrition, also via an interactive "beauty-on-a -budget" session where guests will make and take home face-masks and other beauty products. The talk will also consider self-care as both a personal and political dimension and will provide tips on improving life-organisation from a freelance perspective.


Wednesday 12th December
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Introduction to Feminism Talk & Workshop

Chaired by one member of Pxssy Palace, the panel will include three speakers and will be followed by a reflective discussion where attendees will be invited to consider the intersections of race, gender, sexuality in their life, how intersectional feminism applies to those and how it can be used to help understand privilege.

Host: Pxssy Palace

Wednesday 19th December
6.30pm - 7.30pm

How to put on an inclusive club night?

Pxssy Palace exists within a climate of gentrification, highlighted by beloved venues and nights facing closure. Int his talk they will share how they overcome these barriers, as well as how they developed and implemented a safer and inclusive policy. Wishing to support those who are looking to start nights, but don’t know where to begin, as well as those with existing nights, that want to make their nights more inclusive, this event will include talks by prominent community members who have led successful club nights, followed by a Q&A, and a workshop outlining how to do this yourself.

Host: Pxssy Palace

Thursday 20th December
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Pxssy Palace Party

We can bring PP to Napapijri by having a small private party with a mix of artists, influencers and performers. We have a huge roster of Djs to choose and we can have live performances from women such as Nadia Rose, JaJa Kisses or Karnage Kills. We can also provide Badge Bxtches to promote a safe atmosphere and have a catwalk as we do during our monthly parties.