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Mixing influence on the streets of Atlanta, New York and London with a critic’s eye for culture and authenticity, she is one of the hottest young broadcasters and authorities in the world right now, blazing a truly unique and multi-faceted trail for herself.

Tiffany x Napapijri
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NTS Napapijri

In celebration of our most iconic anorak, The Rainforest, we teamed up with NTS Radio and sat down with four young icons of the international music scene to chat about iconic songs and style references that influence their art. Stay tuned as we will be launching the four episodes over the next couple of weeks.

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Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep


With an unparalleled knowledge of and passion for championing the underdogs and up-and-comers within the hip-hop scene and its many subgenres, Tiffany brings an authoritative level of originality to all facets of her work. She was the first woman to host a national radio hip hop show on KISS FM, before taking the iconic position as presenter of BBC Radio1’s weekly Hip Hop show, following cultural leaders Tim Westwood, DJ Semtex and Charlie Sloth. Her growing reputation as a key figure in the UK scene has seen her open up for the hottest of UK and US artists with Fredo, Jay Z and Beyoncé and most recently Drake across his European tour.


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For our collab with NTS, we had the pleasure of working with Leïti Sene, Madame, Tiffany Calver and M1llionz. Inspired by those contemporary music icons, we've put together a selection of unisex t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, and accessories.

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Trap, R’nB, Hip Hop

Leïti Sene

Leïti Sene is a multifaceted artist from Barcelona. He started as a young popping dancer and moved to the music industry when he founded the Barcelona based collective Samxen, creating the underground sound of the moment in the city. In 2019 he began his solo voyage with his first solo EP "JOËL", followed in 2020 by his newest release, "Tatimu Mixtape".


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Pop, Italian Folk, Trap


Madame was born in Vicenza in 2002. She released her first album, "Anna", while in high-school and received a golden record for her second one, "Sciccherie". Her original linguistic stye is influenced by both rap and poetry, playing with accents and pronounciation, assonances and metaphors. Always experimenting with the purest new sounds, she has collaborated with some of the most prominent artists of the contemporary scene, such as Marracash and Ghali.


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UK Drill, Dancehall, Trap


M1llionz's diverse influences combines UK Drill and rap sounds with a unique lingo inspired by his Caribbean roots. His versatile style has caught people's attention both in his hometown and nationwide. Having stepped into the scene with his first song 'North West' just under a year ago, M1llionz has had a strong start to 2020 with street anthem "HDC" and "Year of the Real", which features other prominent artists.


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