Chasing Icons

Icon, for us, means Rainforest Jacket. Colourful, self-affirming, so vibrat it took on a life of its own and became a symbol of membership in the Napapijri familly.
But there is more.
There's a world of symbols and sounds that redefine the word at every turn. One needs to grab it, like an opportunity, a fleeting moment.
What is an icon, today?
We have asked British photographer Olivia Rose to help us to come up with a definition.
She gave us pictures.
Beautiful, intimate portraits of two icons of the future, two young musicians whose work is emerging and breaking the boundaries between obscurity and fame. We managed to hold them in our hands for the time of a click.
Here they are.

Oscar #Worldpeace:

Urban poetry and the little things

Born in Tottenham and raised in north-London, Oscar #Worldpeace released his first album, Debut, in 2017. His writing is raw, honest. His talent, devoted to exposing the mundane brutalities and passing joys of daily experience. Listen to his single "No White God", and you'll know why.

Poppy Ajudha:

Soul is the word

A voice that's much older than her 23 years, a face to launch a thousand ships. It is all there: south-east London, blues, jazz, soul, the bold lightness of a powerful voice doused in otherworldly tunes and coloured in the brightest hues. Her latest EP, Femme, was released in March, 2018.

Poppy's Rainforest Selection

The Rainforest Jacket:

A timeless icon

A colourful, water-resistant windbreaker, The Rainforest has come to encapsulate Napapijri's youthful, future-positive spirit, support of self-expression, and dedication to acceptance, tolerance and freedom.