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Are Napapijri jackets waterproof?

Having a water-resistant jacket in your armoury is a must, but having one that keeps you looking ultra stylish at the same time is even better. Whether you’re venturing out in the drizzle, heading to an event with friends or simply want to be prepared in the event of a rain shower, be sure to grab your Napapijri waterproof jacket on your way out.

In this article, we’ll look at Napapijri jackets in detail to advise on their water-resistance and weather protection, as well as which styles look great in the rain. Read on to find out which jackets in the collection are fully waterproof to ensure you stay dry whilst making a statement.

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Are Napapijri jackets waterproof?

Several jackets in the Napapijri range are water-resistant in light rain, with many designed specifically for the outdoors. As a brand with close links to extreme landscapes and weather conditions, Napapijri prides itself on designing clothing that can be worn in both urban and wild environments. 

As well as many jackets offering water-resistance in light rain showers, some jackets in the range also offer full waterproof protection to keep you completely dry in a downpour. In addition, several jackets and coats have been designed with winter in mind and offer added insulation to ensure you stay toasty and warm. 

Napapijri jackets are ideal for ensuring you stay dry and protected from the elements whatever your adventure, with a number of jackets featuring water-repellent properties. Keeping you protected from the rain, the best-selling Rainforest Jacket is your go-to for staying dry and is a total statement piece in the label’s waterproof collection. 

Is the Napapijri Rainforest waterproof?

The Napapijri Rainforest jacket combines a water-resistant outer shell with a contemporary and comfortable design, ensuring you stay dry in light rain. This statement fashion piece is also available in a range of colours, making sure you ooze both style and practicality.

There are several designs in the collection, each showcasing the signature anorak style. The Napapijri Rainforest Summer Jacket is a great light jacket and windbreaker. It’s also an environmentally-friendly design, with a PFC-free water-resistant shell that’s sustainable and reduces plastic waste. There’s also ventilation eyelets in the jacket to keep you cool. In addition, this design includes the signature front pocket as well as side pockets for extra comfort. This versatile jacket is ideal for throwing in your bag in the summer months when the weather is unpredictable, or when it gets slightly cooler in the evenings.  

Although the Napapijri Rainforest Summer jacket isn’t fully waterproof, it offers a good level of protection in light rain or short showers, with critically taped seams that will keep your head, neck and shoulders dry and warm in all seasons. Whether you carry it with you in the spring (just in case) or layer it over your autumn and winter clothing, the Rainforest Summer jacket is the ultimate all-rounder.

The Rainforest Winter Jacket has been designed with down-free padding for extra warmth and is waterproof as well as snow proof. The waterproof fabric on this jacket is rated at 3000mm, ensuring you’ll stay dry in moderately wet conditions. It’s critically taped seams and advanced hood regulation also offer extra protection when the cold starts to bite. Keeping you looking fashionable, the Rainforest Winter Jacket is a statement piece that offers a practical but modern alternative to the traditional waterproof.

With several iconic colours to choose from, the Napapijri Rainforest jacket has come to be known simply as ‘The Napapijri Jacket’ or ‘The Napapijri’. When it comes to the water-resistant jacket stakes, the super stylish Rainforest is clearly a front runner.

Which Napapijri jackets are waterproof?

There are several jackets from Napapijri that are waterproof, or at least water-resistant, with the Rainforest jacket being the most iconic in the range. Napapijri’s collection of anoraks, puffer jackets are parkas are designed for the outdoors, offering both rain protection and warmth.

For every product on-site, have a look at the details and features sections where you will find all of the information about a product. Aside from the Rainforest Winter and Summer jackets, here are some of our water-resistant Napapijri jackets for both men and women. 

Men’s waterproof Napapijri jackets

The Napapijri Puffer Jacket Kamppi is a fully sustainable puffer jacket, crafted with recycled and down-free insulation and lightweight cotton fabric for free movement. This water-resistant jacket is fully quilted and perfect for keeping you warm in the depths of winter. It’s also available in two colours, ensuring you choose the one to suit your style.

The Parka Coat Abilo is inspired by lakes, rivers and the land, combining a water-resistant PFC free outer shell with recycled down-free insulation. With an adjustable fixed hood, two-way zip and button fastening, and plenty of secure pockets to store your essentials, this jacket is perfect for venturing outdoors. 

Napapijri’s Ice Jacket has been designed with the colder months in mind. This jacket comprises a water-resistant shell and nylon-ottoman fabric that’s ideal for staying active when the weather turns cooler.  

For full water-resistance and protection from the elements, the Akir Short Jacket is a great option. With a fixed hood, a soft shell fabric and secure, deep welt zip pockets, this jacket offers both practicality and streetwear style.

Women’s waterproof Napapijri jackets

The Napapijri Puffer Jacket Loyly Long has been engineered for performance, with an edgy aesthetic. It’s water-resistant with an adjustable hood and hem, whilst also comprising a recycled and down-free insulation – perfect for the Great British winter. This jacket is made with a super shiny mid-weight ripstop fabric and is available in dark blue or grey, ensuring you find a colour to suit your mood.

Offering wet weather protection with a fabric rated at 2000–5000mm H₂O, the Aron Superlight Parka is a stylish addition to your rainy day wardrobe. Its minimalistic design combines a polyester laminated fabric with printed details and an adjustable waist, ensuring you look sleek whilst venturing out in light rain or snow.

The Loyly Short Jacket by Napapijri is fully water-resistant with an adjustable hood and hem, making it the ideal waterproof jacket for any environment. Its down-free insulation also offers additional warmth to keep the cold from your bones. Available in yellow or black, the Loyly Short Jacket is for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

The first jacket designed by Napapijri has truly stood the test of time. The Skidoo Jacket is a hooded anorak, providing PFC free water-resistance and sustainably sourced insulation made from Thermo-Fibre™ padding. This jacket is the ultimate in flexible fashion, with four colours offering adjustable cuffs, hem and waist, as well as a detachable eco fur trim.

Choosing your Napapijri waterproof jacket

Now you’ve got to grips with which Napapijri jackets are waterproof and offer light rain protection, it’s time to decide which jacket will work best for you, whether you’re heading out shopping with friends or simply need a layer of protection for a night out. 

If you’re leaning towards the trusty Rainforest jacket to keep you dry in a light shower, the Rainforest product guide will tell you everything you need to know about this iconic style. If you want something a little more winter-ready like the Loyly Jacket or Skidoo, the full range of Napapijri jackets and coats has got you covered, with a style and colour to suit everyone.

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